Our Lady Of Guadalupe - True Rose - Catholic Prayer Candle

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Our Catholic Prayer Candle adorned with the words of Our Lady of Guadalupe, wrapped in the delicate and true scent of roses is hand poured with devotion, this candle becomes a sacred vessel, infusing your space with the essence of true rose fragrance. Allow the flickering flame to enrich your prayers, creating a harmonious ambiance that resonates with the divine presence and the timeless words of Our Lady: " Am I not here, I who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection?"

The Inspiration Behind This Prayer Candle

In a recent and painful chapter of my life, my mother ceased communication due to a family issue, leaving me heartbroken and feeling abandoned, even in adulthood. While praying for her and for my healing, a realization dawned upon me – I am not motherless  I have a mother that loves me and she is with me every step of the way, so I wanted to create a candle in her honor and to encourage everyone who feels abandoned by their mother to meditate in this sweet words, full of love and tenderness. These are the words that our Lady of Guadalupe spoke to San Juan Diego when she appeared to him in the Tepeyac, It is beautiful to meditate in these loving words, they bring so much joy and peace to my heart. These words are for all and each one of us, and they show the love that our Heavenly Mother has for all of us and how much she wants to bring us to Jesus.

By creating this candle  I seek to share a message of love and tenderness. May this candle serve as a comforting beacon for anyone feeling abandoned, reminding them of an enduring, maternal love that accompanies them every step of the way.

  • SCENT: True Rose,  a classic fragrance reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly cut roses. Let the delicate and intoxicating aroma fill your space, evoking the charm of a blooming rose garden.  Transporting you to a world of timeless beauty with each inhale. Indulge in the simple yet profound pleasure of this classic rose fragrance that brings a touch of floral grace to any moment.
  • SIze: 7 oz
  • Sustainability: Made with all natural soy and coconut wax, safe to breath for you and your love ones. with minimal soot and no toxins unlike paraffin and other waxes.
  • Elegant: A beautiful design that goes well with any home decor in matte white and gold letters.
  • Giftable: Give a gift of faith and hope with our catholic scented prayer candles.


  • Cut the wick before first use to 1/4"
  • When lightning the candle, leave it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, until all the wax has melted on the surface to avoid tunneling.
  • Trim the wick after each use with a wick trimmer to a 1/4"
  • Keep candle away from draft, and wind
  • Do not burn for more that 4 hours at a time
  • Do not blow on the candle please cover or use a candle snuffer

All these tips will guarantee for a long burn life of your candle.