About Us


Wayne and Silvana created by GOD in his likeness and image just like you reading this section. You were chosen hence your birth. GOD loves you and we truly believe every creation is from GOD’s love and desire to give life. So you might ask why has my wife Silvana and I decided to create this company? Simply to evangelize and spread the word of GOD. My wife and I taught catechesis for 5 years to the 7th grade and our major message to all of our children was, GOD Loves you so much that he gave his only son to die for our sins so we have an opportunity to make it into heaven. However we must make GOD the Father proud just as we would want to make our earthly parents proud by doing his will. To love GOD is to do the will of GOD yes? To put him first and to love thy neighbor is to do the will of GOD yes? But what if someone does not know how much you love GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Spirit?

Quality first

How can one reach many and leave a lasting impression upon them? How can we bring more people to know GOD? His love? His words?Live Your Faith was created to do just that.

Humble beginnings

It started with the Holy Spirit enlightening my wife and I during a Sunday school teaching expanding upon the value of each life of our students and how much they are valued.