Jesus Catholic Prayer Candle - Merlot Scent

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Welcome the divine essence into your sacred space with our Jesus Prayer Candle, scented with the captivating fragrance of Merlot.

Inspiration for our Jesus Candle

This candle is inspired by the profound devotion My husband and I have to the Holy Name of Jesus, the name above all names, especially celebrated month of January.

Read our blog to know more about what inspired our Jesus candle.

Fragrance Notes: Indulge your senses in a sweet and refreshing blend of Cabernet and grape, encapsulated in the rich aroma of Merlot. The fragrance is carefully crafted to create a serene atmosphere, inviting you to connect with the divine as you engage in prayers, devotions, and moments of reflection.

Key Features:

  • Divine Inspiration: Infused with the spirit of Jesus devotion, this candle serves as a reminder of the sacredness of His name.
  • Soothing Aroma: The Merlot fragrance provides a calming and uplifting atmosphere, enhancing your prayer and meditation experience.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each candle is meticulously hand-poured to ensure quality and attention to detail.
  • Long-lasting Burn: Enjoy extended moments of spiritual reflection with a slow, even burn.
  • 7 oz.
  • Sustainable: Made with coconut soy wax, safe for you and your pets. Soy wax is an all natural wax with no toxins, minimal soot, safe to breath and a long lasting and clean burn.

Enhance Your Sacred Space:

Place this candle in your home, prayer corner, or meditation space to create an ambiance of tranquility and spiritual connection. The flickering flame and enchanting fragrance serve as a symbolic representation of your devotion to Jesus.Elevate your spiritual experience with our Holy Name of Jesus Devotion Candle – a perfect blend of fragrance and devotion, created to honor the name that holds infinite power and grace. Embrace the divine presence in every flicker of the flame.

How to care for your candles

  • Cut the wick before first use to 1/4"
  • When lightning the candle, leave it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, until all the wax has melted on the surface to avoid tunneling.
  • Trim the wick after each use with a wick trimmer to a 1/4"
  • Keep candle away from draft and wind and flammable items
  • Do not burn for more that 4 hours at a time
  • Do not blow on the candle please cover or use a candle snuffer
  • All these tips will guarantee for a long burn life of your candle.


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