Holy Spirit Dove Necklace

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Beautiful Dove pendant with sparkling throughout clear micro pave Cubic Zirconia 

This beautiful dove pendant is full of micro pave cubic zirconia with a 16" long 14K gold filled singapure chain.
The micro pave Cubic Zirconia makes this dove pendant sparkle like no other.
The Dove is 20mm" high x 28mm wide.

In the Catholic Church the dove is the universal symbol of the Holy Spirit, it also symbolizes God's grace and the Sacrament of Baptism. The dove with its seven flames is also emblematic of the Sacrament of Confirmation, for which this piece makes a great gift.
Personally I am a fond of doves, when I see one I always think about the Baptism of our Lord (Matthew 3:16). Growing closer to the Holy Spirit was part of my spiritual journey, understanding the importance of his role in our lives, so I started to pray to him throughout the day for guidance and discernment. I especially use this prayer that our Blessed Mother taught us:" Come Holy Spirit, come through the most powerful means of the immaculate heart of Mary your most beloved spouse". And this is why this pendant is so special to me.