Consecration to Our Blessed Mother

If you want an easy, short and perfect way to obtain a profound union with our Lord, to became Holy and to inherit heaven, there is a way, saint Louis De Montfort's "True Devotion to Mary"

St. Louis de Montfort (1673 – 1716) had a profound devotion to Our Blessed Mother and wrote extensively on the virtues of Our Lady, what true devotion to her consists in, and how the faithful need to turn to her as the way to her Son, Jesus Christ.

In his book "True Devotion to Mary" he recommends that the faithful formally consecrate themselves to the Blessed Mother. For this end he developed a specific 33-day program consisting of various prayers and readings to help the faithful detach themselves from the world and bond themselves more closely with Christ through the example and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This 33-day program can be found in this same book.

You can certainly get the book and do the consecration yourself following the steps on the book, the consecration is done over 33 days and then it can be renew anually.

Once you make the consecration, it is for life. It can then be renewed annually. Keep in mind that this is a formal consecration to Our Lady, not unlike a vow, that is to be done in a solemn manner. Through this consecration you are giving Mary all of yourself - heart, mind, and soul - in order to bring you to her Son, Jesus Christ.

What happens to me when I consecrate?

Our Blessed Mother may use you as a holy instrument in her battle against Satan, this consecration allows her the free reign in your life to make you holy and to use your prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings for the greater glory of God.

By consecrating ourselves to Mary is one way that we grow in that knowledge, love, and service. We allow Mary to take us by the hand and lead us to her Son. She knows, loves, and serves Him best. We have so much to learn from her life, and so much to gain by placing ourselves in her hands.

My husband and myself consecrated to Our Blessed back in 2019 and 2020.

We did our consecration with Bonds of Marian Love in New Jersey and it lasted 9 months. I started my Consecration first attending weekly meetings in person and my husband follow a few months later online.

This Consecration change our lives, I learn so much about the faith, about Our Blessed Mother, I feel like I started blind and after consecrating my eyes were open. 

When you consecrate to Virgin Mary, everything belongs to her, from your soul to your home and your pets, your health and your work and she will take care of everything. when you Consecrate you and all your belongings are place in her hands, and those are the most loving hands you will want to be it.

I have heard so many miraculous stories from people that Consecrate, being free from oppressions, emotional and physical healings. 

We should all consecrate to our Blessed Mother, is the surest, easiest, shortest and more perfect means to becoming a Saint.

If you would like to Consecrate to Jesus through Mary you can go to for more information.

Consecration classes are teach in english and spanish, live or via zoom and they start once or twice a year.





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